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Loader Edges

Loader edges are unique for each manufacturer and model.  Equipment Blades Inc. provides OEM replacement or custom designed loader edges.  Whether you need a bolt on cutting edge or a weld on cutting edge, we have you covered.

Don't have the OEM part numbers for your cutting edges? Call Equipment Blades at 605-368-5221 so we can assist you in finding the correct cutting edges for your bucket. 

Important information needed to find your parts:

  • Make and Model of the Machine
  • # of Pieces
  • Length of each piece
  • # of holes in each piece
  • Bolt size
  • Hole spacing center to center across each piece

Once we get this information mentioned above, we can located which parts you will need to bolt up to your bucket. 

Don't hesitate to call or inquire to have an Equipment Blades loader edge expert assist you in finding exactly what parts you need for your application. 


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