Snow Plow Options

Vulcanized Rubber With Carbide

The 3X flex lasts up to 3X longer, cleans 3X better, runs super quiet, lightweight, and easy to handle. It includes a 12" carbide segments that flexes and conforms to the road surface. This style of snowplow blade is possibly the most widely use blade ever made. Call us for a quote to outfit your fleet today.
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Carbide Snow Plow Blades

Carbide snow plow blades are manufactured using the best quality virgin carbide inserts available. Carbide inserts are brazed into a milled slot in the wearing edge of the blade to extend the life of the blade. Equipment Blades can custom carbide your snow plow blades, to get longer wear out of your blades!
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Rubber & Poly Blade Options

Our polyurethane is a hard rigid poly 1.5" or 2" thick--cut to any custom length and height.The holes are also custom drilled. This mounts with Grade 9 standard washers and bolts and nuts. This product is specifically designed for protecting concrete and provides a no spark plowing environment. The wear life is longer than steel and much, much, longer than rubber. We stock only the hardest rubber snow plow blades available. Many sofer rubbers can turn under in a plowing environment. The harder rubber maintains its rigidity. We have researched different Polyurethane options and what we stock is the best for plowing.
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Universal Blades

Looking for a specific snow plow blade? Snow plow blades come in a number of configurations and spacing, heat treated, carbide insert, nose shoes, curb runners, etc. Equipment Blades Inc offers all of these options, and can customize your snow plow blade. The BCB500 plow blades are so tough they are guaranteed against breakage.
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SHARQ Edges System

The original blue steel cutting edge. With a full "toolbox", you have access to the right blade for the right job! The quick change system allows operators to change out blades quickly and safely during harsh winter conditions. The P-300 will cut ice like no other blade and leaves a raked surface that is much safer.
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Curb Guards

Equipment Blades Inc. feels protecting your equipment is essential. Curb guards protect your snow plow from damage caused by contact with curbs. They are easy to install and will extend the wear life of your cutting edge.
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Product Catalog

Download our product catalog and view 29 pages of what we have to offer. This is just a small sample. Give us a call for an in depth conversation.

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