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Equipment Blades is growing, and we are looking for additional team members.

Our mission is to provide the best quality, most innovative cutting edges, wear parts, G.E.T. and more --- that is available. We research product lines and represent the highest quality and respected brands. In the wear parts business, longer wear life is added value. Our products wear longer, which brings down net costs. Combining this with taking care of our customers with clear, prompt, honest communication and excellent advice is what really sets us apart from the competition.

We employ ethical, knowledgeable and respectful staff that will take care of your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our Employees

We strive to provide a fair, challenging, and financially rewarding environment that fosters personal and professional development.

Open Positions

Outside Sales / Business Development

We are seeking outside sales / business development people that are experienced with heavy equipment, prior sales experience is required.

Upload your resume, fill out our online application and let's grow together!

Opportunities available : Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, South Dakota