Grader Blade Options

When it comes to grader blades you have options! Ensuring you are using the correct grader blade for the correct application will result in fewer blade changes, less downtime, and less money!

SHARQ Edges System

The BluSteel Sharq Edges Quick Change Grader Blade System will convert any motor grader to the ultimate and complete grader blade toolbox. This grader blade system has edges for all conditions, saves you time and money, and increases safety.
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Carbide Grader Blades

Carbide Grader Blades are a fantastic choice for any low impact, high abrasion application. The carbide insert protected by carbide impregnation greatly extends the life blade and parent material when used in applications where "face" wear is a problem.
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Curved Grader Blades

The curved shape of the grader blades results in better material flow when used on motor graders and underbody plows. Curved grader blades come in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses.
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Flat Grader Blades

The flat grader blades are commonly used to stay on top of road maintenance instead of completely reshaping the road. Flat grader blades also come in different lengths, widths, and thicknesses. Flat grader blades also work well for box scrapers and tractor / skid steer bucket edges.
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Serrated Grader Blades

Serrated grader blades are used when there is a need for ground penetration to move surface materials. Serrated grader blades are proven to penetrate ice and snow better than traditional grader blades.
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Not Sure What You Need?

Not sure what grader blades you need? Have a "non-traditional" bucket, box scraper, or grader moldboard? No problem! We will ensure to get the correct information and step you through how to get the right parts for your machine. Choosing the correct grader bits makes a big difference in the motor grader productivity and performance. Equipment Blades Inc. offers a wide selection of grader blades in numerous length, width, and thicknesses. Longer lasting grader blades to better performing grader blades, either way we have you covered.

Product Catalog

Download our product catalog and view 29 pages of what we have to offer. This is just a small sample. Give us a call for an in depth conversation.

Not Sure What To Order?

Our friendly service reps will be happy to assist. Please download and fill out our blade measurement form and either fax or email it back and we’ll find you the right parts.

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