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Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller

Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller is a low-cost, high-return road compaction tool that can use the existing quick-attach ripper attachment on your motor grader.  It can also use a hydraulic lift kit that works with almost any machine.  

This product features a true track system and a heavy-duty cushion suspension that ensures the wheels maintain constant contact with the road surface and optimally tracks with the machine.  Using the Final Pass II system will help reduce road maintenance costs by 25-40%.  

The constant pressure hydraulic kit allows the operator to determine how much, if any,  additional compaction weight is needed and produces a constant even compaction in adverse conditions.  The Final Pass II has 13 solid rubber wheels which allow you to pick and roll.  The heavy duty cushioned suspension floats along with the road surface and keeps the wheels in constant contact with the bladed area.  The true track design of the Final Pass II effortlessly tracks where the machine travels creating even compaction.  Tight turns and hills are compacted without road scuffing.  

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Parts & Maintenance Manual