Loader Bucket Base Edges

The Base Edge or "Frog" in a loader bucket is the primary support system of the cutting edge of the bucket.  Base edges are typically welded into the bucket with holes pre-drilled to match the hole pattern of the bolt on cutting edges or bolt on teeth and adapters.  Occasionally in low-wear applications, the bucket may only need a base edge with no holes in it and can be run as such.  Some base edges are also accommodated with weld on teeth and adapters therefore would not need those holes.

At Equipment Blades Inc we firmly believe the most cost effectivce way to maintain the bucket life is for the base edge to have holes drilled to match a heat treated bolt on edges or teeth and adapters.  

If the base edge is damaged or worn out, the bucket is not stable and may possibly need to have the base edge and bolt on edges replaced. 

Equipment Blades Inc. can supply weld on base edges and bolt on edges for all makes and models of buckets.

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