Thousands of motor graders running the Sharq cutting edges would save the US, and the environment, the burden from millions of diesel emissions every year. Watch what makes the Sharq Edges System the best choice.


There are many advantages to running the "no down pressure" Sharq Edges System. When the moldboards are rolled all the way back (with no down pressure), the Sharq grader cutting edges and plow blades are allowed to cut out any road imperfections and shred through ice. The system requires less RPMs out of the machine which translates into fuel savings up to 1 to 3.5 gallons per hour.

You will be able to make fewer passes while slightly increasing the speed to cover more ground in a shorter period of time. There will be less wear and tear on the tires, less wear on the hydraulics, and less wear on the A- Frame. Sharq has the highest quality quick change blade system on the market that reduces the time and cost of changing blades (change blades with a hammer in 15 minutes).

Better roads, safer roads, better operator environment, all combined with the fuel savings make the Sharq Edges System the most cost effective grader blades and snow plow blades in the industry.

Helpful Information

  • P-300 takes care of snow compacted bumpy and polished winter roads. Its unique sharp teeth design easily cuts up even the hardest compacted gravel, decreasing the need to add new gravel to the road surface.

  • RAM beats all standard flat grader blades, you can do everything that you do with standard grader blades, but at a reduced cost.

  • P-300 HD it's a serrated alternative to the RAM and a heavy duty alternative to the P-300. The HD is as good for winter road maintenance as it is for hard gravel conditions.

  • Flat is an excellent choice for general grading, mixing and snow removal.

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Customer Reviews

Best Technology on the Market
"I will never go back to using regular grader blades. Using the P-300, I get 100+ hours out of a set. With a traditional steel curved grader blade I would get 40 hours. Using the Sharq Edges system, I save between 1.5- 2 gallons of fuel per hour! To top it off the roads are in great shape."
Troy (Canby, MN)
It Doubled My Wear Life
“During my demo trial SharqEdges cut my fuel use 20%, I saw my wear life double, and my ability to cut was unreal. I have people stopping in to tell me how nice the roads are. I’m sticking with SharqEdges.”
-Mike V., Operator - Osceola County, Iowa
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