We have your back when it comes to winter and snow plow blades!

There are many different winter conditions, depending on what Mother Nature is sending. Whether it is wet heavy snow, blowing snow, ice and snow pack, freezing rain with black ice, or any other winter conditions Equipment Blades Inc. has you covered!


SHARQ Edges System for your Snow Plow

Sharq Edges System is the original blue steel cutting edge. With a full "toolbox", you have access to the right blade for the right job! The quick change system allows operators to change out blades quickly and safely during harsh winter conditions. The P-300 will cut ice like no other blade and leaves a raked surface that is much safer.


Carbide Snow Plow Blades and Cutting Edges

Carbide snow plow blades are manufactured using the best quality virgin carbide inserts available. Carbide inserts are brazed into a milled slot in the wearing edge of the blade to extend the life of the blade. Equipment Blades can custom carbide your snow plow blades, to get longer wear out of your blades!


Universal Snow Plow Blades

Looking for a specific snow plow blade? Snow plow blades come in a number of configurations and spacing, heat treated, carbide insert, nose shoes, curb runners, etc. Equipment Blades Inc offers all of these options, and can customize your snow plow blade. The BCB500 plow blades are so tough they are guaranteed against breakage.  

SHARQ Edges System

Carbide Snow Plow Blades

Universal Snow Plow Blades