Change the way road grading and snow plowing is done!

Quick Change Blades

Change your blades on the fly with 3' and 4' sections that are light weight and easy to handle. No need to take the grader back to the shop for blade changes.  

The Ultimate and Complete Toolbox

  • Convert any Grader
  • Edges for all Conditions
  • Saves you time and money
  • Increase safety

Sharq Edges System

  • P-300 takes care of snow compacted bumpy and polished winter roads. Its unique sharp teeth design easily cuts up even the hardest compacted gravel, decreasing the need to add new gravel to the road surface.

  • RAM beats all standard flat grader blades, you can do everything that you do with standard grader blades, but at a reduced cost.
  • P-300 HD it's a serrated alternative to the RAM and a heavy duty alternative to the P-300. The HD is as good for winter road maintenance as it is for hard gravel conditions.
  • Flat is an excellent choice for general grading, mixing and snow removal.