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Rubber / Poly Snow Plow Blades

Equipment Blades' goal is to offer solutions for all applications that our customers may have. 

One common request we get:  A Snow Plow Blade Option That Won't Damage The Road Surface. 

There are a number of applications where this may important. Recycling and sanitation applications that have, "No Spark" rules. Airport snow removal applications where the operators don't want to do damage to the runways. Landscaping and snow removal companies with large parking lot accounts that don't want damage done to the asphalt and paint. No matter what the application is, Equipment Blades can offer a solution for you. 

Rubber: 1.5" THICK X 8" or 10" TALL high tensile strength rubber for truck plows and box scrapers. These come in 55ft rolls and we can cut to whatever length necessary. These also require a steel strap to bolt over the face of the rubber to ensure rigidity. 3" vertical slots every 12" for the bolts. 

Poly: Polyurethane snow plow blades are an excellent option for wear life while doing less damage to the surface. The blades come in various profiles such as 3/4" Thick X 6" Tall up to 2" Thick X 10" Tall and everything in between. Poly snow plow blades come in blank pieces so you can drill in the hole pattern to meet your plows hole spacing. Poly blades also reduce vibration and absorb much of the impact. 

Recycled Rubber for Loaders: Equipment Blades can also offer a recycled rubber cutting edge for wheel loader buckets. Rubber payloader cutting edges are important for certain applications where traditional steel edges can't scrape or damage the surface. 

Don't hesitate to call or inquire to have an Equipment Blades wear parts professional assist you in finding exactly what option works best in your application.