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The Joma 6000 blade is a unique design incorporating carbide inserts brazed into specially profiled steel segments which are then encased in rubber.  The result is dramatically superior life when compared to existing carbide-insert blades. The rubber casing helps minimize vibration, its light weight, and sound dampening.  The steel segments contour forming, less blade bounce, and helps prevent road marker damage.  The carbide inserts have .955" carbide, improved strength, and has longer wear life.  Since the Joma 6000 is completely encased in a rubber mounting, there is no metal to metal contact between the blade and the plow.  The rubber mount absorbs most of the vibration that would normally be transferred to the plow and the truck.  The Joma 6000 will also reduce the damage to highway lane markings.  Unlike a rigid steel blade, the Joma 6000 will form to the contour of the road.  In doing so it cleans the road surface more effectively and therefore may require less salt or sand to be applied.

**Available in South Dakota**