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Carbide Tipped Bits & Boards

Tungsten carbide-tipped bits outlast regular steel blades and will save you time and money.  Easily replace worn bits individually without the need for special tools. 



ROTATING CARBIDE BITS: Rotating Carbide Scarifier Bits for motor graders and groomers are self-sharpening for more uniform wear and longer life. Similar carbide scarifier bits would be used in asphalt milling applications as well. The key to long wear life is maintaining carbide teeth rotation. There are numerous rotating carbide tooth options available for all applications. We recommend going with a carbide rotating bit option that has a washer to separate the bit from the board and help keep grime out. As soon as the bits stop rotating the operator is prematurely wearing the carbide bits. Proper maintenance and check up should be done to make sure the carbide bits are properly rotating.  

TIP: Some operators will spray diesel or WD-40 on their scarifire carbide rotating teeth to help keep the bits clean and rotating. To winterize your bits and board, clean the grime out of the bits and apply a layer of diesel as lubricant. Make sure to store the bits and boards in the shop or storage out of the freezing weather conditions. 

NON-ROTATING CARBIDE BITS: Non-rotating triangular carbide bits for motor graders and groomers have great penetration and wear life. The carbide teeth are made up of steel and carbide inserts that allow for these bits to hold up well in all conditions and applications. These carbide bits hold in the board with a universal snap ring so they are easy to change out. Non-rotating carbide bits are what we recommend for front mount grader groomers. They can also be used on the moldboard of a motor grader for extreme wear life. 

No matter which style you decide to go with, carbide scarifier bits are ideal for dirt and gravel road maintenance; removal of gravel road washboards; hard-packed snow and ice removal; chip and seal road reclamation; tar sand road reclamation; spot asphalt milling; spreading loose material; mixing calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or other dust suppressants. 

Whether you are looking for sharp scarifier bits, penetration scarfier bits, standard scarifire bits, wide scarifier bits, or want to mix and match, Equipment Blades is here for you!

 Don't hesitate to call or inquire to have an Equipment Blades carbide bit professional assist you in finding exactly what blade works best in your application.