Carbide Tipped Bits & Boards

Tungsten carbide-tipped bits outlast regular steel blades and will save you time and money.  Easily replace worn bits individually without the need for special tools.  Rotating Scarifier Bits are self-sharpening for more uniform wear and longer life.  Cutting height is maintained as cutting tools may be rotated from position to position. 

Scarifier Bits are ideal for dirt and gravel road maintenance; hard-packed snow and ice removal; chip and seal road reclamation; tar sand road reclamation; spot asphalt milling; spreading loose material; mixing calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or other dust suppressants. 

Whether you are looking for sharp scarifier bits, penetration scarifier bits, standard scarifier bits, wide scarifier bits, or want to mix and match, Equipment Blades is here for you!