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Snow Plow Blade Features to Consider

Jolene Burggraff

Snow Plowing conditions are always stressful in one way or another.  The following winter conditions are usually present, depending on what Mother Nature is sending.  

Sharq Edges....The Best Grader Cutting Edges

Jolene Burggraff

Sharq blades are the best grader cutting edges for sale today. They are easy to use, simple to maintain, and the versatility they offer makes for a much more enjoyable operator experience. In addition, they also save your shop time and money. They are simply the best product on the market.

Upcoming Spring Blizzard.....Are you ready?

Jolene Burggraff

The Race 150 is a great alternative to standard single insert carbide snow plow blades. This blade goes easier on the paint and cleans better than most plow blades and better than all snow plow rubber cutting edges.

Dull Blade of the Week - Straight Outta the Excavator Amusement Park

Jolene Burggraff

We definitely found our dull blade this week! We all have great ideas out on the job site, but these guys put their grand plans into action. We can't say if this is a good thing or one of the dumbest decisions they have ever made. Either way, they earned themselves the award this...

We Have Your Heavy Equipment Parts On Hand!

Jolene Burggraff

We get it, when you need to replace a part, you don't have time to wait. Your operation doesn't run until you fix your equipment. We know you need heavy equipment parts as soon as something wears out; that is why we keep our warehouse fully stock and your supply needs on hand.

4 Reasons You Will Choose the Sharq P300 Over Other Grader Cutting Edges

Brian Hunter

As an operator or manager, you care about a few things when it comes to cutting edges for graders: how well they will cut, how easy they are to operate, and how well they fix your roads. If your blade does these things well, everything else is icing on the cake. Most operators fall...