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Not all tungsten carbide impregnation is created equally

03 Nov 2021
Not all tungsten carbide impregnation is created equally

The carbide impregnations (carbide abrasion resistance material) Equipment Blades uses is typically imbedded 3/8 into the parent metal and 3/8" above the parent metal.  The weld matrix contains at least 50% virgin tungsten carbide particles mixed in the puddle not just on the surface.

This impregnation drastically improves the wear life of the critical areas.  The life expectancy can be up to 10X that of regular trough hardened steel even more for carbon steel.  The critical areas are custom and we accommodate. 

Some companies impregnate at a much lower % rate.  For example:  Let's say 10% carbide embedded in the weld.  The wear life is as expected a much lower rate.   Carbide is a hot term in the industry but it's important to understand the process and the percentage of carbide used in the process.

This carbide impregnation is applied to loader edges, skid plates, bucket teeth, wear shoes, grader blades, and snow plow blades.






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