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SH122-454430 P-300 5'

Sharq P-300 10mm thick x 9.5" x 5'

The P-300 is the preferred blade of choice by 90% of the longtime sharq operators. The reason is it's thin sharp design and the holes in the blade. Sharp means in the summer months it cuts efficiently and fixes problem pot holes, frost boils, washboards, wheel ruts with ease. The P-300 also leaves a very nice environment for packing with a majority of the fines and binder material being evenly distributed behind the blade due the the holes in the P-300.

In the winter the P-300 cuts Ice an snow pack like no other blade. Also in winter the P-300 leaves a raked surface which allows for the sun to get in and beat out the ice. This makes for safer driving conditions.

When you run the P-300 you will never have the all too common zamboni affect (A smooth sheet of ice). Running the Sharq method with little or no down pressure, reduces the amount of friction and heat. The P-300 runs cool and does not heat up.

When public safety is priority #1 the Sharq Edges System is a must have in your arsenal against dangerous winter driving conditions.