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SH-122-361941 RAM 3/4" 5'

Sharq Ram 3/4" thick x 8" x 5'

550 Brinell

Excellent Snow and Ice Cutting Blade.

Great Summer Maintenance Blade.

Thin Design Means Better Cutting and Less Resistance.

Sharq Flatis a universal grader edge made of Olofsfors extra long life wear steel. The reversible design makes it very cost effective. This edge is an excellent choice for general grading.

The edge is made of wear-resistant through-hardened steel which makes it sharp and longlasting. The special steel alloy and thin design ensures maximum strength while minimizing the downward pressure required for optimum penetration. This increases carrier efficiency, reduces operating costs and allows better grader control. As with all the other SharqEdges these flat edges are quick mounting.