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Bucket Wear Steel & Protection Accessories

Protecting your buckets from premature wear will increase productivity and reduce downtime.  By using wear steal you can protect all sides of your bucket, improve bucket penetration, and increase bucket width and capacity. 

Equipment Blades Inc. offers wear steel that can applied to high wear areas of buckets to increase the life. 

Wear Accessories available:
  • P300 SHARQ PLATE (Pictured below)
  • Chocky Bars
  • Wear Buttons
  • Bucket Shrouds
  • Grouser Lugs
  • Half Arrow Bar
  • Modulok Replacement Parts
  • RV Wear Caps
  • Safety Steps
  • Wear Bars

Sharq P-300 as wear steel on bucvket
The Sharq P300 is being used in Rock Pits and Asphalt Plants as bucket and crusher wear steel. The P300 SHARQ PLATE is a very light weight, hard material to greatly increase the wear life of the bucket at a low set up cost. The P300 SHARQ PLATE pieces are 10mm thick X 9.5" tall X 3', 4', and 5' lengths. Here is a link to the Sharq page on our website to give you a closer look at the options. 

Don't hesitate to reach out or inquire to have an Equipment Blades wear steel professional assist you in finding exactly options work best in your application.