Why Sharq Edges Are the Best Grader Cutting Edges For Sale

by Brian Hunter March 22, 2017 3 min read

Why Sharq Edges Are the Best Grader Cutting Edges For Sale

Why Sharq Edges are the number one grader blades for sale

Sharq blades are the best grader cutting edges for sale today. They are easy to use, simple to maintain, and the versatility they offer makes for a much more enjoyable operator experience. In addition, they also save your shop time and money. They are simply the best product on the market.

  • Run at less RPM's, quieter, improved operator enviroment
  • More durable and longer lasting than competing grader blades
  • Fix road imperfections and leave them looking better than ever before

Sharq Grader Cutting Edges Make Operator Life Easier

If you operate a grader, snow plow, or another type of heavy equipment, you understand how annoying and time consuming equipment maintenance can be. One of the reasons Sharq blades are the hottest grader cutting edges for sale is because they are so easy to use. The Sharq system comes with a mounting board designed to allow blade changes on site. No neumatics are require to change the blades so you no longer have to go back to the shop to use up more time and energy.  

Not only is the system easy on the operator, but it's also easier on the equipment since less down pressure is used to cut. Your machine is under less stress, so it will not break down as often. You can stay out working without having to waste all your energy in the shop!

They Are Durable and Last Way Longer

When most people see the thin blue "cheese grater" looking Sharq P300 for the first time, they say "How the heck is that thing supposed to last longer?" Three reasons: 1.) This blade is sharp  2.) Sharq grader blades require a different cutting technique  3.) You won't throw away much of the blade. The blue steel is the real deal.  

  1. The thin and sharp cutting edge easily cuts up and straightens the white road surface after a snow, making grooves in the compacted snow. This also helps sand and salt stay on the road rather than ending up in the ditch. On gravel, the blade cuts in a way that recovers more gravel and the holes in the blade allow fines to remain on the road.
  2. With the Sharq system, you cut through gravel or ice rather than push it. The blade is always angled 55-70 degrees and is tilted forward once the edge has dulled. Because this method keeps the blade sharp, you don't have to use as much down pressure to get the job done. Rather than constantly grinding the blade, you simply continuously sharpen it.
  3. With traditional grader cutting edges, you end up throwing away 30-40% of the blade. Sharq blades can be used all the way until you have about 5% left. The holes throughout the blade allow you to move the blade down as it grinds away. Again this is a simple procedure that can be done roadside with a hammer.

They Make You Look Good! 

Sharq blades are for those who take pride in their work. They leave your roads looking better than ever from a combination of cutting through all pot holes, washboards, and tire ruts; recovering old road material other grader blades can't; and leaving even fines on the road surface. These blue steel blades fix the problems rather than cover them up. You will hear less complaints and you will have to resurface your roads far less often.

Make sure you check out the complete list of grader cutting edges for sale in the Sharq product catalog below. Download your free digital copy today!

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