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Dull Blade of the Week - Straight Outta the Excavator Amusement Park

Jolene Burggraff

We definitely found our dull blade this week! We all have great ideas out on the job site, but these guys put their grand plans into action. We can't say if this is a good thing or one of the dumbest decisions they have ever made. Either way, they earned themselves the award this...

Dull Blade of the Week - Worst Plower in Chicago [Video]

Brian Hunter

The winter season is here, and with it, all of your local hometown heroes (aka street plowers) will soon be out hard at work! If you're going to go out and help the combat the snow. . . make sure you've got four wheel drive! This guy below was certainly trying to do some good work,...

Dull Blade of the Week - Snow Plow Peppers Bystanders

Brian Hunter

We know driving a snow plow is no cake walk, but even if you have mastered the art, it doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it! To his credit, maybe this guy couldn't see what was coming, but if he could...well then you sir, are definitely our dull blade of the...

Dull Blade of the Week - Loader WINS

Brian Hunter

This week we are featuring those who took risks and actually won! Put the heavy machinery fails aside because these guys deserve the spotlight this week. Every once in awhile you see somebody do something really cool with their equipment, even if it isn't the safest idea they've had. Shout out to those guys!

Dull Blade of the Week - Forklift Follies

Brian Hunter

If you are looking for forklift fails, we have them for you! And of course a few other heavy equipment follies. So this week, our award goes to all of these dull blades. Please, for everyone's sake, know what you are doing before you get behind the wheel of your equipment. Or don't, and...

Dull Blade of the Week - Heavy Machinery Fails

Brian Hunter

If you are around heavy machinery often, you understand there are plenty of intelligent people around you, but every once in awhile you find yourself a dull blade. Sometimes even the intelligent ones make themselves look like a dull blade. So, what do we qualify as a dull blade?

Have a Minute? Check Out These Heavy Machinery Operator Fails!

Brian Hunter

If you have a few minutes, need a laugh, or just want to see some heavy machinery fails, you're gonna want to see this video. Either these guys have never operated heavy equipment before or they're drunk. We'll let you be the judge of that. Also, check out more heavy machinery fails here!