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Cutting Edge Market Trends

Brian Hunter

Robust demand is challenging global supply as the world recovers from COVID-19.  Our suppliers announced price increases, primarily due to rising scrap steel prices and skyrocketing ocean freight rates.  We have also been warned of supply constraints due to current demand.  We are doing our best to secure products and ensure continuous supply.  

Add More Wear Life to Your Cutting Edges

Brian Hunter

 Go Thicker and Wider to add Wear Life! Equipment Blades can take OEM part numbers and have them manufactured in thicker and wider profiles to add more material to your bucket edges or grader blades. By adding more material you can spend less time changing out edges. Going thicker and wider works great in...

How to Choose the Right Replacement Grader Blade (Cutting Edge)

Brian Hunter

Choosing the right replacement grader blade is all about the condition of the roads you are grading. Are they high traffic areas that need constant attention? Do your roads tend to develop washboards and potholes often? Or, are your roads in good shape, but they require a bit of maintenance? If you need to...

No Matter the Heavy Equipment Cutting Edge, We'll Help You Find It

Brian Hunter

From mini excavator teeth to the latest greatest snow plow blades, we are here to help you find the heavy equipment wear parts you are looking for. Stop searching all over the web for your part, and let us do the looking for you. We have a warehouse full of parts, so we will...

Save work comp claims with the Sharq Edges Quick Change System!

Brian Hunter

There is nothing worse than crawling under a motor grader trying to change the 8' long - 130 lb + grader blade. Changing blades usually takes 2 people and can often lead to smashed fingers, tweaked backs and/or hearing loss due to the air powered impact wrenches.  This has resulted in many, many workers...

Snow Plow Blade Features to Consider

Jolene Burggraff

Snow Plowing conditions are always stressful in one way or another.  The following winter conditions are usually present, depending on what Mother Nature is sending.