Save $700 Per Month on Fuel With These Replacement Grader Blades

by Brian Hunter April 23, 2019 2 min read

Save $700 Per Month on Fuel With These Replacement Grader Blades

Yep it's true. You can save $700, or even more, per machine simply by replacing your cutting edges. And that's only at 35 operating hours each week. With the Sharq Edges system, you will save 2 gallons of fuel per hour. Multiply that by 35 hours per week, 4 weeks per month, and a price of $2.50 per gallon and we are talking about some real savings!

Save $700 by switching grader blades

Some of our customers have even said they use 3 fewer gallons per hour with these blades. At 35 hours, that would be a fuel savings of $1,050 per machine per month. That means if you operate year round (gravel and snow), you could save around $10,000 to $12,000 per year for a single grader.

If you are a contracting operator, imagine that savings heading straight to your pocket. If you have a larger fleet, consider how much a $10,000 savings for each machine could free up your budget.

How Do These Blades Work?

Sharq P300 Grader Blade        Sharq Flat

Instead of forcing the blade into the ground with down pressure, they cut the surface requiring a fraction of the work compared to regular edges. The video below explains the method. These blades are thin, sharp, and durable. Because they are thin and sharp, they cut through gravel and ice with ease.

Sharq cutting edges:

  • reduce fuel costs and emissions
  • reduce time and cost of changing edges
  • are the ultimate solution for all road conditions
  • create a more comfortable operator environment
  • reduce wear on your machine and tires

On top of the fuel savings, these edges do a better job with the roads than any other type of grader cutting edge. The combination of fuel savings, ease of use, and performance of the Sharq Edges make them a no-brainer tool for your machine. 

Your Savings Will Pay for These Blades Over and Over

These cutting edges cost a small percentage more than your average edge, but what you save in fuel savings will pay for them tenfold. Sharq Edges also have a longer wear life, so on top of fuel savings, you will replace your cutting edges far less often.

Give us a call or fill out our online form to request a free quote on any of our Sharq Edges.

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