No Matter the Heavy Equipment Cutting Edge, We'll Help You Find It

by Brian Hunter June 17, 2019 2 min read

We'll help you find ground engaging tools

From mini excavator teeth to the latest greatest snow plow blades, we are here to help you find the heavy equipment wear parts you are looking for. Stop searching all over the web for your part, let us do the work for you. We have a warehouse full of parts, so we will likely have what you need on hand. If we don't, we will search out what you need and point you in the right direction.

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Replacement Grader Cutting Edges

When it comes time to replace your worn out cutting edges, you have options. If you want to stick with the same reliable blade you have in the past, we'll get it. If that blade isn't cutting it, we'll walk you through your options and find you something new. 

We want you to operate comfortably and efficiently, so we want to set you up with the blades that will make this happen. We'll help you find the right blade for the job, for the right price. 

Snow Plow Blades

Winter is over, and now is the time to stock up on snow plow blades. The hot item  is the Sharq Race 150. It does the work of your traditional carbides while also creating a comfortable operator environment. 

Race 150 snow plow blade

These cutting edges have flexible carbide segments encased in rubber for a smooth, quiet ride. The flex technology also allows you to clean grooves and ridges in the roadway. These are designed to cut through ice like a traditional carbide while also keeping all segments of the blade in contact with the road surface, creating a quiet and smooth clean sweep.

Don't forget your curb guards! Protect your high dollar equipment with this low dollar item.

Plow Curb Guards


Bucket Teeth and Adapters

Our teeth and adapters are manufactured using high quality alloy steel and then are heat treated to exact specifications. They are made with the latest technology and are computer analyzed to ensure quality, proper fit, and optimum strength. We believe in setting you up with only the highest quality parts, and we keep our prices very competitive with your bottom line in mind.

Check out our teeth and adapters here!

investing in curb guards

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