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Make Only One Call to Find All of Your Heavy Equipment Wear Parts

by Brian Hunter August 10, 2017 2 min read

Stop calling other wear parts dealers

It can be frustrating locating the right parts for your machine.  It can also be a pain in the ass getting a fair price out of some of the heavy machinery dealers. At Equipment Blades, we take a different approach. We carry a huge variety of cutting edges for all types of machines, any make, and any model, all at a fair price. Cutting edges are our specialty and we take pride in delivering the best product at the lowest price. 

More Than Just One Brand and Product Line

As you well know, most dealers choose to focus on one brand or one product line. Instead of taking this approach, we keep our warehouse full of multiple brands of cutting edges, teeth, edge kits, scrapers, and more. And if it's not in our warehouse, no worries, we'll order it for you and have it here in 3-4 weeks.

equipment blades wearhouse

A look inside the Equipment Blades Warehouse

Let Us Find Your Ground Engaging Tools For You

Stop searching all over to find who carries which wear parts for all of your heavy machinery. Simply come to us and tell us what you need. We will do the searching for you. There is a good chance we carry most or all of your parts, but if we don't, we will direct you where to go. We want to build a partnership with you where you can simply give us a call and rely on us to find the parts you need.

Not sure on the exact part number you need? Use our part locator form and we will find it for you!

Part locator form

So Why Do You Push the SharqEdges System?

We don't believe in pushing product if it doesn't work. We believe Sharq grader and snow plow cutting edges truly do a better job and are more efficient than the other cutting edges for sale. The SharqEdges system not only cuts better and wears longer, it is also easier on your equipment, the operator, and your fuel budget. Learn more about the Sharq grader blades and snow plow cutting edges.

our wear parts

Sharq blades on the shelf and ready to go!

Don't take our word for it. See what other operators have to say about Sharq's ground engaging tools.

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Ground Engaging Tools
What are ground engaging tools?

by Brian Hunter June 23, 2022 1 min read

What are ground engaging tools?  

Ground Engaging Tools, also known as GET, are the wear parts that come into direct contact with the material a piece of heavy equipment is manipulating. Regardless if you are running a bulldozer, skid loader, excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, snow plow, scraper, etc. your machine should be equipped with ground engaging tools to protect the machine from unnecessary wear and possible damage to the bucket or moldboard. 
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Not all tungsten carbide impregnation is created equally
Not all tungsten carbide impregnation is created equally

by Brian Hunter November 03, 2021 1 min read

The carbide impregnations (carbide abrasion resistance material) Equipment Blades uses is typically imbedded 3/8 into the parent metal and 3/8" above the parent metal.  The weld matrix contains at least 50% virgin tungsten carbide particles mixed in the puddle not just on the surface.
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The Ultimate Gravel Road Compaction Tool!
The Ultimate Gravel Road Compaction Tool!

by Brian Hunter May 20, 2021 1 min read

The Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller is the ultimate gravel road compaction tool!  When combining the Sharq Edges Grader Blade System with the Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller you are creating the perfect environment for the gravel packer to do its job.  This will create safer gravel roads and save thousands of dollars from going into the ditch! 
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