Equipment Blades Inc. is the Grader Blade Headquarters

by Jolene Burggraff July 15, 2019 2 min read


Equipment Blades Inc. is the grader blade headquarters!  If you are looking for grader blades or other ground engaging tools we have The Right Parts The Right Price at the Right Place.  Whether you are looking for curved carbide grader blades, flat serrated blades, carbide inserted blades, or any other blade to fit your grader; we likely have it in stock or we can get it shipped directly to you. 

Carbide Inserted Blades

Carbide inserted blades are reinforced by tungsten carbide segments that are brazed into the bottom edge of the blade.  These segments extend wear life up to 20 times longer than a regular carbon steel blade.  

Sharq Edges Blades and Components

The Sharq P-300 works like no other blade on the market for ice or gravel.  This serrated edge blade is 600 brinell and and outperforms every other grader blade in cutting ability, road fixing, and fuel efficiency. 

The Sharq P-300 is the optimal edge to take care of snow compacted bumpy and polished winter roads.  It easily cuts up and straighten the white road surface and it makes grooves in the compacted snow and ice that helps sand and salt to stay on the road.  For gravel the Sharq P-300 has a bite like no other grader blade.  Its unique sharp teeth design easily cuts up even the hardest compacted gravel, decreasing the need to add new gravel to the road surface.  The Sharq P-300 cuts easily and runs smoothly which saves you time and money on grading operations. 


* Double Bevel Curved or Double Bevel Flat

* Curved 4', 6', 7', 8' length

* Flat 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', 10' length (available in top punch or center drill)

* 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" thickness

* Carbide, Carbide Impregnation

* Custom & Standard Serration

* Carbide Inserts- Custom Impregnation

* Custom Carbide Overlay Any Blade


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Add More Wear Life to Your Cutting Edges
Add More Wear Life to Your Cutting Edges

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 Go Thicker and Wider to add Wear Life!

Equipment Blades can take OEM part numbers and have them manufactured in thicker and wider profiles to add more material to your bucket edges or grader blades. By adding more material you can spend less time changing out edges. Going thicker and wider works great in concrete scraping applications like snow removal or farming. 

Add Carbide to Increase the Wear Life!

Equipment Blades has custom carbide options to extend the wear life of your cutting edges.  

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