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Grade 9+ Plow Bolts, Nuts, and Washers

by Brian Hunter January 30, 2018 2 min read

grade 9 plow bolts

We stock a large inventory of Grade 9+ plow bolts, and nuts. Be confident these bolts will perform as you need them to.  Reliability is a given with this quality plow bolt.    We offer a wide variety of bolt sizes, which are all available for purchase on our website.

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These bolts, manufactured by Ajax of Australia, They are designed to hold up and stay secure longer than your average bolt. Because they are not threaded in the critical area (section between the blade and moldboard), these bolts remain strong and are less likely to be sheared off. 


Part Locator Form

If you aren't sure exactly what you need, send us a message or download our parts locator form. Simply fill out your measurements on the form and fax or email it back to us. We will help you find the exact part you are looking for.


Mounting With Wedges Instead of Bolts

If you are sick of the hassle of changing out blades, consider a cutting edge system that is held on with wedges instead of bolts. Some systems like the Sharq Edges system use a mounting board to adapt your moldboard to a wedge system. With the Sharq system, operators can swap out there blades with just a hammer -and- they can do it in just 10-15 minutes. No need to go back to the shop, just simply pull over, hammer the wedges out, and swap out your blades.

Watch how these blades are secured in the video below!

Winter Sharq Edges Video

Along with being able to change these grader and plow blades out quickly, Sharq cutting edges are light weight and easy to lift. Because you are able to remove them (while standing) with just a hammer and you can easily lift the blades without straining, you are far less likely to injure yourself with this system.

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