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Dull Blade of the Week - Heavy Machinery Fails

by Brian Hunter August 25, 2017 2 min read

Dull Blade of the Week

If you are around heavy machinery often, you understand there are plenty of intelligent people around you, but every once in awhile you find yourself a dull blade. Sometimes even the intelligent ones make themselves look like a dull blade. So, what do we qualify as a dull blade?

Dull Blade


1. not the brightest of the bunch

2. someone who, for a split second, forgets everything they know about operating heavy equipment

3. that dude who doesn't give two sh*%$ and rushes through the job throwing caution to the wind

This week we have two candidates for our dull blade of the week. We'll let you decide who deserves the award more.

Dull Blade #1

giphy (9).gif

We don't know whether this dude should be praised for this idea or slapped upside the head. He must have a lot of faith in his operator. The operator could've made a million and one mistakes and caused severe harm to this guy, but luckily all went according to plan. Unless Mr. Boss Man caught wind of this.

Dull Blade #2


Now we can't point out exactly who's to blame here; this may be a group nomination. We can tell you who the sharpest of the bunch is though. Check out the bird on the rooftop. He saw sh&% going down and he was out! These people probably had their fingers crossed this would work, and well, it obviously didn't.

Those are our two contenders for this week's Dull Blade of the Week. Which fail made you cringe the most? Which one would your boss absolutely roast you for? Let us know in the comments below if you think these are both deserving, or if these are nothing compared to what you've seen out on the job! 

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