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Don't End Up Like These Guys!

by Brian Hunter July 31, 2017 1 min read

Heavy Machinery Fails

Take a break, relax, put your feet up. Laugh at the these heavy equipment operators that obviously have no clue what they are doing. We're not sure it could get any worse for them.


Yikes. Looks like he might not collect a pay check this week.

 giphy (1)-1.gif

Clean up on aisle...where aisle 2 used to be! Richard are you in there?


giphy (2).gif

Up you go! Hope you can re-order that piece.


giphy (4).gif

That's one way to leave a trail so you don't get lost in the mountains.


giphy (5).gif

I'm sorry, what was that? 



Hope that dude's okay! What were they thinking?!


giphy (7).gif

This is why labels warn "Alcohol impairs your ability to drive or operate heavy machinery."

All these fails, in short, were caused by not knowing how to properly operate the machinery, not paying attention, or by simple stupidity. Please, for everyone's sake, take your time and know what you are doing before operating a grader, dozer, loader, plow or any other piece of heavy equipment. Things can turn quickly!

giphy (6).gif

Yoda and all of us want you to stay safe and know how to properly operate your equipment. Know what your machine can and can't do. 

All gifs courtesy of Giphy.  

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