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Change Out Your Grader Blades In Just a Few Minutes

by Brian Hunter May 12, 2017 2 min read

Change Out Your Grader Blades In Just a Few Minutes

quick change grader blade system

How much of a hassle is it for you to change out your grader blades? Did you know there is a cutting edge system that allows you to change blades out on the road in just a few minutes? Learn more about the Sharq quick change mounting system!

  • One person can easily change the grader blades out on the road in 15 minutes
  • All you need is a hammer and wedge
  • Saves time, fuel and money by not having to run back to the shop to change blades
  • The trauma goes away; eliminate work comp claims, back injuries, smashed fingers
  • Carry extra blades with you and have the flexability to change blades based on road conditions

Sharq Quick Mount System for Grader Blades

mounting boardSharq provides mounting boards that let you convert any motor grader to the Sharq Edges system. These boards come in 7 and 8 foot segments that you bolt on to the base of your moldboard. After you install the wedge bolts, you simply set the blades on the bolts and wedge them in. No impact wrench required!

These boards allow you to quickly change out your grader blades for any road condition in just 15 minutes. Rather than heading back to the shop, you simply grab your hammer and your wedge and go to work. Watch the video below to see how the quick mount system works.

Save Your Moldboard!

By adding a mounting board, you add an extra layer of protection for your moldboard. Too often operators wear through their grader blades and start tearing into the moldboard. That won't happen with the Sharq system. If you wear past your blade, you will only damage the mounting board; we assure you that is a much cheaper fix than replacing an entire moldboard.

Carry Your Complete Grader Cutting Edge System With You

Have you ever been out on the road with the wrong blade? With the Sharq quick change system, you don't have to try to make that blade do the job. You can carry your complete toolbox of cutting edges with you. All you have to do is hop out, hammer some wedges out and replace your blades. Sharq even provides a wedge removal tool that makes this process even easier.

Watch how easy the SharqEdges Quick Mount system is to use!


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