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4 Reasons You Will Choose the Sharq P300 Over Other Grader Cutting Edges

by Brian Hunter March 11, 2019 2 min read

4 Reasons You Will Choose the Sharq P300 Over Other Grader Cutting Edges

sharq p300

As an operator or manager, you care about a few things when it comes to cutting edges for graders: how well they will cut, how easy they are to operate, and how well they will fix your roads. If your blade does these things easily, everything else is icing on the cake. Most operators fall in love with the Sharq P300 grader cutting edges and they tell us they won't go back to using any others. They easily cut through road material rather than push it, and they are extremely easy and comfortable to operate. They even have the added benefits of cutting your fuel expenses and maintenance time. Learn more about Sharq P300 cutting edges for graders and how they will make your life easier.

1. The P300 easily cuts away washboards, pot holes, and wheel ruts

Because Sharq's cutting edges are thinner and sharper than most grader cutting edges, they cut right through your washboards, pot holes, and wheel ruts. Many blades will simply push your material around to cover the road evenly. The P300 is designed to cut right through any imperfections, in fact with little to no down pressure.

road grader blading gravel

Less down pressure reduces fuel cost and wear on equipment

2. This grader cutting edge is easy to operate

These grader blades are designed to be easier on you, the operator. When you grade or cut ice with Sharq blades, the thinner and sharper edges create a smoother ride. They allow you to operate in higher gears and with less RPM, not only dramatically reducing shattering, but also lowering cab noise and vibration, creating a more comfortable experience for the operator.

The blades are also extremely easy to change out. You won't have to go through all the work in the shop to simply change out blades. Sharq's quick mounting system only requires one person to change the edges and this can be done out on site. 

3. It evenly distributes fines across the road

As the P300 cuts through and lifts gravel, it leaves clean fines behind. As you can see in the picture below, the blade is designed with holes throughout the blade. After the gravel is lifted, some of it trails through the openings leaving beautiful fines behind. These holes are also how you mount the blade. You are able to move the blade down as it dulls, reducing wasted material. P300 blades last more than 35% longer than standard grader blades.


Sharq P300 Grader Cutting Edge for Gravel and Ice

4. It recovers material you didn't even know you had

How often do you have to go out and recover your roads with new gravel? With the P300, it will be less often. We have heard over and over that this grader cutting edge brings up material that operators didn't even know they had. It will cut deeper into the road, lifting older material to the surface. Cutting deeper has to create more vibration and is harder on the machine, right? Not with this blade. By cutting with a sharp blade, you will reduce that vibration and run with at lower RPM.

Click the button below for a free digital copy of our Sharq product catalog. Learn more about all of Sharq's cutting edges for graders and snow plows.

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