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The Ultimate Snow Plow Blade: The 3X Flex Carbide/Rubber Snow Plow Blade

Jack Hunter

The Ultimate Snow Plow Blade Solution for Department of Transportation (DOT's), City Street Departments, County Highway Departments and Snow Removal Professionals is available now! Having the proper equipment for snow and ice removal is critical. A high-quality snow plow blade is an essential component for efficient and successful snow removal for Department of Transportation...

Why Is Harder Steel Better for Your Cutting Edges?

John Bailey

The word "cutting edges" is important in the world of industrial equipment. These cutting edges are the hidden heroes responsible for swiftly slicing through the hardest materials, whether in construction, mining, or agriculture. Not all cutting edges, however, are made equal. The choice of steel is critical to extending longevity and improving performance. In...

Carbide Grader Blades: A Revolution in Road Maintenance

John Bailey

The addition of carbide grader blades has changed the industry in response to the increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective road maintenance. These cutting-edge blades outperform conventional options in terms of durability, longevity, and performance. In this blog article, we will look at the different benefits and uses of carbide grader blades, as well...

What are ground engaging tools?

Brian Hunter

What are ground engaging tools?   Ground Engaging Tools, also known as GET, are the wear parts that come into direct contact with the material a piece of heavy equipment is manipulating. Regardless if you are running a bulldozer, skid loader, excavator, wheel loader, motor grader, snow plow, scraper, etc. your machine should be...

Not all tungsten carbide impregnation is created equally

Brian Hunter

The carbide impregnations (carbide abrasion resistance material) Equipment Blades uses is typically imbedded 3/8 into the parent metal and 3/8" above the parent metal.  The weld matrix contains at least 50% virgin tungsten carbide particles mixed in the puddle not just on the surface.

The Ultimate Gravel Road Compaction Tool!

Brian Hunter

The Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller is the ultimate gravel road compaction tool!  When combining the Sharq Edges Grader Blade System with the Final Pass II Motor Grader Mounted Packer-Roller you are creating the perfect environment for the gravel packer to do its job.  This will create safer gravel roads and save thousands of dollars...

Cutting Edge Market Trends

Brian Hunter

Robust demand is challenging global supply as the world recovers from COVID-19.  Our suppliers announced price increases, primarily due to rising scrap steel prices and skyrocketing ocean freight rates.  We have also been warned of supply constraints due to current demand.  We are doing our best to secure products and ensure continuous supply.